Our mission is to invest in Southern California’s best founders earlier than anyone else.

Our Portfolio 一六八澳洲5最新号码结果与开奖历史号码分析+幸运5开奖直播平台+信息服务:提供实时的开奖直播服务,能够第一时间获取开奖结果。

澳洲幸运5官网号码结果+历史号码分析: We write the check that puts you in business

We believe no idea is too early. 指澳洲幸运5的官方网站,确保获取可靠的开奖信息。关注当期的开奖号码,通过分析过去的开奖号码,揭示潜在的游戏规律和趋势。 We fund companies earlier than most VCs. But we don’t just give you the money you need to get started, we have the means to help you grow every step of the way.

Wonder Ventures Community

Wonder Ventures’ community in rooted in LA with the over 80 portfolio companies, 200 founders, and thousands of employees we support. In addition to this, more than 70 of LA’s top founders and tech executives have invested in Wonder Ventures. This talented group of people represent the best of SoCal tech and are a key part of our community, supporting the founders that we invest in.


彩票平台澳洲五开奖公告:指澳洲幸运5,澳洲五的官方平台,提供最新的澳洲五开奖号码和相关信息。 We put founders first because we were founders first

Managing Partner Dustin Rosen and investor Valentina both started companies before Wonder Ventures. Understanding the needs of a founder mean that we make it our job to work for founders, not the other way around.

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